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Welcome to our Image Gallery. Please download our high resolution photos here. Press releases are also available in our media centre.


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Barb Stegemann & Brett Wilson

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Press Releases

March 16th 2017

Award winning documentary “Perfume War” to open theatrically across Canada

March 8th 2017

SEPHORA Announces The 10 New Female Business Leaders

August 10th 2016

Perfume War Doc World Premiere at Atlantic Film Festival Gala

November 12th 2015

The 7 Virtues Celebrates Fifth Anniversary
With Launch of Fragrance Peace Candles

July 21st 2014

Patchouli of Rwanda Fragrance Launch Release

February 14th 2014

Galeries Lafayette Berlin launches «The 7 Virtues» Fragrances

January 16th 2014

The 7 Virtues Launches 100 ml Fragrance Collection In Honour of International Year of Family Farming 2014

July 31st 2013

The 7 Virtues Custom Blend Box Launch September 21 2013

March 1st 2013

The 7 Virtues CEO to Join Clinton’s Delegation to Haiti

February 4th 2013

The 7 Virtues Finalist Canadian Fragrance Awards 2013

December 5th 2012

Halifax Perfume CEO named Top Game Changer in History of CBC’s Dragons’ Den

December 4th 2012

Barb Stegemann Named One of Canada’s Most Powerful Women in 2012 Awards

October 30th 2012

The 7 Virtues Fragrance Collection Launches Lord & Taylor NYC

September 1st 2012

The 7 Virtues Launches Middle East Peace Fragrance

August 1st 2012

The 7 Virtues Fragrance Wins Chatelaine Beauty 100 Award

April 14th 2012

Nova Scotia CEO Makes Profit Guide’s “Top 30 Fabulous Entrepreneurs”

February 18th 2012

It’s Time to Step Outside the Den: The 7 Virtues
featured on CBC’s Dragons Den February 29th

December 5th 2011

Investiture Ceremony For 14 Wing Greenwood’s Honorary Colonel Barb Stegemann

December 2nd 2011

Biography, CEO, Barb Stegemann

October 21st 2011

History TV to air episode telling the story of how one of The 7 Virtues fragrances got its name.

September 8th 2011

NS Business Woman To Receive “Women Innovators” Award From US Secretary of State

September 7th 2011

New Vetiver of Haiti Fragrance Launch To Coincide with International Day of Peace