A spicy fragrance, Noble Rose of Afghanistan is layered with notes of clove, peppercorn and carnation. There are 178 hand picked rose petals in each 50mL bottle, harvested by Afghan farmers who courageously transport the oils on the world’s most dangerous highway.

We buy this beautiful organic essential oil at fair market value from our supplier who is rebuilding his community.

Noble Rose of Afghanistan was named by History TV viewers for a show called Name This. Click here to watch.

Our supplier, Gulestan Essential Oils, Jalalabad, Afghanistan distills the delicate rose petals into essential oils for our Noble Rose of Afghanistan fragrance.

“Noble Rose of Afghanistan is not your grandmother's rose fragrance. This is a spicy blend, for the female who is not waiting for permission to speak truth to power. It's fast becoming a favourite of young women finding their voice.”

Barb Stegemann
CEO, The 7 Virtues


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