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Out with the old, in with the renew!

Instead of making a New Years resolution, I’m making 2016 the year of taking extra special care of my skin. Our largest organ protects us and reflects how our overall health is doing. I’m approaching 47 and even though I can’t undo a few foolish sunburns from my youth, I can do natural things to renew my skin and protect it going forward. After a personal struggle with hereditary rosacea last year and knowing friends with eczema and issues with dry skin, I want to share some solutions.

Let’s begin with the inside. If you do one thing for your skin, invest in a daily dose of Ascenta Skin. It helps reverse acne, acts as a natural sunscreen and keeps your nails and hair strong. My friend Sarah from university received a bottle personally from Ascenta Skin owner Marc St-Onge one night when we were all out at the Bicycle Thief restaurant for a 25-year university reunion. Sarah wrote me on Facebook after taking it religiously for 5 weeks to share how friends were coming up to her and saying, what have you done, you are looking younger! Consider the $80 a month cost to be an investment. And for anyone having laser or any kind of skin treatment, your skin will be far more receptive by taking this magic elixir. Your nails, hair and skin will thank you. I take my daily dose in yogurt so it’s easier to take. Or you can get liquid, but it does not travel well. The daily dose of 4 Ascenta Skin pills are super easy to pack if you travel a lot.

Morning does of Ascenta Skin.

Morning dose of Ascenta Skin.

I have also noticed a lot of my journalist friends suffering from eczema. Stress can be damaging to the skin. It’s hard to see a friend struggle with itchy, scaly skin. Last summer my friend Dean came to Halifax. He was home dealing with a family death. The stress was unbelievable. I noticed him scratching his eczema on his wrist and complaining about it. So I marched him over to Shoppers Drug Mart on Spring Garden road and asked the pharmacist to get Dean some SkinFix for his eczema. A few weeks later, Dean shared with me that his skin condition he had battled for years was gone. This is another Nova Scotia based company owned by my friend Amy Gordinier-Regan. She bought this company based on an old family recipe. I have shared this product with so many people. I promise you, you will never suffer again from eczema.

A couple of years ago, I too was struggling with a skin issue. I thought I had adult acne. It was awful. I woke up every morning and it was getting worse. I would fret and my sweet husband was so supportive, when I complained my face had broken out he would smile and say I was lovely and that perhaps it was a little “angry” that morning. My doctor sent me to a dermatologist who also diagnosed it as acne and gave me a prescription that made it worse! I tried to cover it up, but that was not correcting it. Finally, I figured out that it was rosacea from my Irish side. The only solution was IPL, a laser procedure that took 5 treatments, once a month. It also gets rid of sunspots and helps rebuild your skin collagen. I go to Gentle Touch on Spring Garden Road in Halifax. Ask for Lindsey, she is incredible. I don’t wash my face with soap any more, I wash with coconut oil. Coconut oil kills bacteria, it’s also a brilliant natural moisturizer for the face. I also follow the rosacea diet, no coffee and no hot sauce. (Well I reduced the hot sauce). I can actually see my skin break out if I drink coffee. Green tea is a great antioxidant replacement.

The sun also aggravates skin conditions so I wear my Tilley hat with a sunscreen of 50. I look like I am on safari walking around downtown Halifax, but at least it protects my skin.

In my next blog I will share my journey creating organic, fair trade lipsticks that are so good for your skin you could eat them. They are made with food grade supplies from Haiti, Ghana and other countries we are supporting in rebuilding.

4 thoughts on “Out with the old, in with the renew!

  • Hey Barb, this is very interesting . So many of us have the Celtic skin and a troubled history with the sun . This is of interest to both men and women in a wide range of ages.

    • Thanks Rob! It often goes misdiagnosed. In Newfoundland it is so common with our Celtic heritage that the provincial government covers laser procedures. I don’t want anyone to suffer from this hereditary skin condition. IPL laser & coconut oil every night on the face, no coffee or hot sauce and rosacea be gone!

  • Skin issues relate to the theme of letting go. In 5 element theory in Chinese Medicine skin is part of the metal element, which also encompasses the lungs and colon. I’ve decided to breathe life back into my moisturizer hobby/business to bring the healing aspects of old knowledge. BTW Barb your vetiver is one of the best in the world. I tried some at the Bay and could feel my nerves instantly calm. I wish I could buy a bottle of just the EO for my diffuser. If you’re making a male blend especially for brain injury/PTSD (I have a TBI from a car accident) make sure that’s in it. I’m surprised your website doesn’t talk about the healing power of the EOs themselves.

    • Excellent point Sima! I guess I was so occupied with supporting farmers and their story, I neglected to talk about the healing properties of our extraordinary oils. I promise to write a full section on this. It will be up within a month, I promise. Thank you for guiding me. I appreciate this very much. Peace. Barb

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