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My Virtuous Lipstick Addiction – Organic, Fair Trade & Gorgeous!

Launching in 2016 - Lipstick made with organic fair trade nourishing castor oil from Haiti and collagen building shea butter from Ghana.
Launching in 2017- Lipstick made with organic fair trade nourishing castor oil from Haiti and collagen building shea butter from Ghana.

My journey to lipstick begins with perfume….

I never set out to make perfume. I just felt I had to support brave farmers rebuilding to find a way to peace. Once I entered the world of beauty through our social enterprise, I realized so many fragrances were filled with phthalates and added parabens that are not good for your skin. So I set about creating The 7 Virtues fragrance collection made without those harmful chemicals (our fragrances are phthalate free, paraben free & vegan). It gives me personal satisfaction meeting women at my talks who share with me that The 7 Virtues is the only fragrance they can wear because it does not irritate their skin.

Good for the world. Good for your skin. 

Well now, the same journey has begun for me with lipstick. This journey all began when I realized we had extra oils from our farmers left over. These oils cost a great deal so we can support them. We had extra rose oil from Afghanistan that costs $10000 USD a litre and orange blossom oil (neroli) that is $8000 USD a litre. I had to find a way to use up these oils. So I began making moisturizing peace candles. We hand poured every single candle ourselves. I found the process very meditative. It’s very relaxing to turn your mind off. Like gardening, working with your hands is one of the greatest forms of relaxation. The scent of the gardens of Afghanistan would carry me to the distant past times of peace and an Afghan culture when the great Kings of Afghanistan taught men and women in the orange groves, where learning was for all men and women. I love being transported to other lands through the power of scent.

Our organic patchouli oil reminds me of our visit to our distillery with our farmers there who survived the genocide. Our patchouli blend that my husband had a big hand in designing reminds me of our supplier Nicholas’ wife Elsie. She made us tea and we drank cups of it and learned more about one another on the four hour drive deep into rural Rwanda. I can breath in the candle and I am instantly back at the distillery. It reminds me of Elsie’s patchouli tea. For me, knowing our patchouli is supporting our friends in purchasing school uniforms for their children and their own homes. It’s more than just beauty. It’s really life changing.

For attractive lips Speak Words of Kindness

While working with the moisturizing candles and the soy wax that has vitamin E and healing properties for your skin (You can pour our candle soy wax on your hands and voila, velvety, dewy, lightly scented hands), I began to think about the products we put on our skin. I did some research and learned that a woman will consume as much as 3.5 pounds of lipstick in her lifetime! I just had to research to find out more about what goes into lipstick.

Did you know that 5000 years ago Egyptian women used crushed beetles to create the red in their lipstick! What’s worse, they still put crushed beetles in lipstick today except they call it carmine. I prefer to use other natural colours with some mica for the blends I am designing. After all, I don’t think you want to eat 3.5 lbs of beetles in your lifetime. I certainly don’t.

I am bringing the whole line back to the original theme of The 7 Virtues of a Philosopher Queen book, celebrating women’s empowerment. You will enjoy the story we are building here for the launch with our partners. Mostly, I want you to enjoy our lipstick collection. Feel good that it is edible, supports families rebuilding and just as importantly, heals your lips! Next week we meet with our chemists and finalize the formulations and begin manufacturing. I am excited to design our lipsticks with you all. I will be asking for your thoughts and direction and will be very grateful for your support as always.

Finally our lipstick addiction is considered truly virtuous 😉

The world is in need of more empowerment and freedom. Why not flex our buying power and choose products that empower others. And that are good for our skin.
The world is in need of more empowerment and freedom. Why not flex our buying power and choose products that empower others. And that are good for our skin.

15 thoughts on “My Virtuous Lipstick Addiction – Organic, Fair Trade & Gorgeous!

  • Love my 7 Virtues perfume…very interested in the lipstick line. Quick question – are your products made without testing on animals?

    • Thank you Lisa, so happy you love our fragrances. We do not animal test. And none of our suppliers animal test. We don’t use any animal product either in our fragrances, so they are vegan. It says this on the packaging as well and it’s on the web site in our about section. So grateful for your support!!!

    • Hi Lisa, all of our products are made without any animal testing. In fact, we have the stamp of approval from PETA with the bunny logo that says vegan & cruelty free. We have begun to use the logo on our latest products.

  • Hi Barb, I absolutely love the perfumes and I am eagerly awaiting the lipsticks. I am proud of what you are doing and I’ve tried to keep track of what you are up to next, ever since you were on Dragons Den. Keep up the good work, it’s wonderful what you are doing.

  • Barb, loved your Perfume War documentary/movie. When do you think your lipsticks will be available to purchase?

    • Thank you Rhonda! We appreciate your amazing support. Our hope is Sept 21, International Day of Peace, but no matter what, in time for the holidays! Peace to you and yours.

  • Your work is very inspiring! Congratulations on how far you have come with your empowering ideas!
    I’ve been thinking a lot about how to make peace more possible. It is great to see your energy and leadership.

    • Very lovely of you Christina! Thank you so much for your support. Together we can leave a better footprint on this earth than we found.

  • Just saw the movie in Woods Hole and bought the perfume box. Looking forward to the lipstick. How do I buy candles?

    • Thank you so much for your support. Lipsticks launch on Sept 21, International Day of Peace. We sold out of the candles, but have lovely ethically sourced lipsticks this week! Peace and gratitude for your support.

  • Grace to you and peace Barb! I was so excited to read about your new line of lipstick, on Brett Wilson’s twitter feed. Once I was diagnosed with cancer in 2015, I stopped wearing all make-up and colouring my hair. There is rarely any nail polish either, and I have missed it all. I’ve gone organic as much as possible in my life. Now I do read Kris Carr’s recommendations of products before even considering any such items. She has been on video with Oprah a few times recently, if you or someone from your team have time to check her out. I am personally very interested in your lipstick, and I would love for her to become aware of it, and maybe even give it a try! I saw your make the deal on Dragon’s Den, but I didn’t realize you were from Nova Scotia as well! Kudo’s, and thank you for also helping to keep the peace! Hugs and best wishes always, with a few Butterfly kisses thrown in! Janet 🙂

    • You are so lovely Janet! I will learn more about Kris Carr. Thank you for the tip. Thank you for your support. This means os much to me and our team. Yes, I was raised in Antigonish and I live with my family in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

      We make our vegan, ethically sourced lipsticks here in Nova Scotia and just launched this week. So happy you are healthy and doing well. Hugs and butterfly kisses back to you. xx

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