December 29, 2015

Inside The 7 Virtues

Welcome to The 7 Virtues Community!

I launched The 7 Virtues our of my garage on my visa card on International Women’s Day 2010. The idea of sourcing fair trade essential oils from Afghanistan to support farmers in harvesting legal crops instead of the illegal poppy crop was something I felt compelled to do to something to build peace. Less than three months later, I was pitching to five of the most powerful venture capitalists on CBC’s Dragons’ Den. I was so scared to go on the show, but I needed to share with millions of people that we need to do trade with nations rebuilding. I became the first woman from Atlantic Canada to land a venture capital deal on the show. Viewers went on to vote our story the top Game Changer in the history of the show for being a social enterprise.

Good for the World. Good for your Skin

At the time I could not find fragrances or beauty products that were free of phthalates and parabens. It was also difficult to find vegan products. I thought, if I am going to support farmers rebuilding to build peace, I can’t put nasty chemicals in my products. I specified with all suppliers we have to have phthalate free supplies.

I was tired of seeing the imagery of skinny models and air brushed movie stars. I wanted something with more substance for my daughter and all of our sisters. So I wrote the book, The 7 Virtues of a Philosopher Queen that has empowered women to launch companies, end bullying and run for public office. Women own the buying power. Let’s harness that power to reverse issues of war and poverty. We launched our Make Perfume Not War® campaign igniting a new movement of retail activists, flexing our buying power to do good in the world and communicating the story of our brave farmers in Haiti, Afghanistan, The Middle East and Rwanda to our customers.

Our story of empowerment is important to me. But it’s also important that we create a fragrance collection that you will love to wear everywhere – from work to a glamourous event. We source certified organic patchouli oil from Rwanda infused with notes of green hibiscus and red grapefruit. Our Beauty 100 Winning Vetive of Haiti is eco-ehic for the man or woman looking for a warm breeze of bergamot, limetree and precious amber. Our classic Afghanistan Orange Blossom and Noble Rose of Afghanistan support farmers and their families with twice the income of the illegal poppy crop. And one of our most popular fragrances, Middle East Peace, brings sweetie grapefruit of Israel and lime and basil of Iran together for an ambrosial blend of citrus with a warm cedar wood and bamboo drydown. Create your own signature peace fragrance by blending our award winning eco fragrances today.

Barb Stegemann
CEO & Founder