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October 31, 2015

Our Fragrance Story

Good for the World. Good for your skin.
The 7 Virtues is a Canadian company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We source natural essential oils from nations rebuilding after war or strife for our revolutionary fragrance collection. Each of our Eaux de parfum are phthalate free, paraben free and vegan. Dubbed “The Fragrances you can wear to work” by beauty bloggers because of their natural qualities.

We began sourcing orange blossom (neroli) oil in 2010 from our supplier, Abdullah Arsala in Afghanistan to support him and his farmers in growing legal crops instead of the illegal poppy crop. The CEO and founder, Barb Stegemann was inspired by her best friend’s mission serving in the Canadian Forces. When Captain Greene was injured, Barb promised him she would take on his mission of peace. She realized she did not have a way to build peace so she created a new way. Our Afghanistan Orange Blossom eau de parfum went on to win on the popular reality show, CBC’s Dragons’ Den. Layered with notes of freesia and jasmine, this is a classic fragrance that brings a scent of happiness and hope in a situation that can be very dangerous and challenging for our global village.

The second fragrance in the collection is our Noble Rose of Afghanistan. We pay $10,000 USD for one litre of our precious rose oil that travels on the world’s most dangerous highway from Jalalabad to Kabul. There are 178 hand-picked petals in every 50ml bottle. The fragrance was named by History TV’s show viewers, named Noble for the brave soldiers who bravely worked to liberate women and children from oppressors, Noble for the brave farmers who choose to grow the legal crop instead of the illegal poppy crop (which is 93% of the world’s heroin supply). It’s in our interests to care, their drugs are on our shores destroying lives in our cities. We must create alternative, innovative solutions together. Noble Rose is for the spicy person who speaks truth to power and does not wait for permission to change the world for the better. Blended with notes of peppercorn, clove and carnation.


The third fragrance in our collection is our Vetiver of Haiti. We launched this eco-chic scent for men and women on International Day of Peace 2011. We were asked by the NGO Building Markets to work with Haiti and learned of this glorious oil, Vetiver that has traditionally been an essential oil for men’s scents, but we worked with beauty writers and created something for everyone. In Haiti, many of the trees were cut down and vetiver is a sustainable plant that prevents erosion. The vetiver root is then distilled into what is considered the best vetiver oil in the world. Our Vetiver of Haiti won the Chatelaine Beauty 100 Award. Refreshing as a cool breeze off the ocean scent is warmed up with notes of bergamot, lime tree and amber. Our founder, Barb Stegemann was recognized by her work and endorsed by the Clinton Foundation. She travelled to Haiti with President Clinton and other CEOS to meet with suppliers.

Our Fourth fragrance is Middle East Peace. We even trademarked it. Our CEO moderated the panel on the Middle East at the German Marshall Fund and realized world leaders and every day people get along. In honour of the people of Israel and Iran who get along as showcased beautifully in our inspiration, Ronny Edry’s “We love you Iran” campaign we blended the fresh sweetie grapefruit oil of the Sharon region of Israel with the light lime & basil oils of the Farsi region of Iran. It’s our best seller blended with notes of cedar wood and bamboo for a warm dry down after the citrus kiss off the top notes dries down.

Our Fifth fragrance in our collection is our Patchouli of Rwanda. We visited our supplier Nicholas of Ikirezi in Rwanda and our team was forever changed by the joy of the beautiful people who make up the cooperatives. Adult orphans and widows grow the patchouli and earn 2.5 times the income of the nearest crop of coffee. They are able to build homes and buy school uniforms with their income. Our Patchouli of Rwanda is gorgeous with notes of green hibiscus and red grapefruit. You will feel like you are with the gorillas in the mist. Check out our photos of our journey to Rwanda or watch the trailer for the documentary, Perfume War on our story of rebuilding.

Our 6th fragrance in our collection is made with jasmine oil sourced from India. Our precious oil supports growers as well as a program established by our partner, CPL Aromas that educates blind women and men to become perfumers. We also partnered with Lisa Ray, a philanthropist and cancer survivor to create the Lisa Ray Jasmine of India eau de parfum. Lisa threw out all of her beauty products when she was diagnosed with cancer and chose to wear The 7 Virtues products because they do not contain harmful phthalate, parabens or sulfates.


CEO, Barb Stegemann meets with blind perfumery students in Mumbai

Our Eaux de Parfum contain natural essential oils and fragrance oils blended with alcohol denat, parfum (fragrance), aqua (water). Each fragrance is sourced to economically support our suppliers in countries experiencing war or strife. Our goal is to encourage a cavalry of businesses to come and do trade with nations rebuilding.

Natural essential oils are blended with fragrance oils (synthetics) as many fragrance notes are simply not available in a natural form, such as Lily of the Valley and Freesia, which are added to maintain beautifully balanced, and long-lasting compositions.

Our fragrances are vegan and, given our philosophy of the world, we do not test on animals. We love our pets.